After graduating from University of California, Davis, Lyudmyla joined the laboratory of Dr. Carl Keen to investigate the mechanism of copper’s influence on angiogenesis. During her time in the Keen Lab, she developed an in vitro model to study the effects of trace elements on embryonic development. In 2018, Lyudmyla graduated from the David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California, Los Angeles and began her general surgery training at Zucker School of Medicine at Hostra/Northwell. Lyudmyla aspires to become a clinician-scientist in the field of surgical oncology. After completing her two years of surgical training Lyudmyla took two years off of for dedicated research time at Tuveson Lab. Lyudmyla is investigating novel KRAS-driven genes that promote the invasive phenotype of pancreatic cancer. She is utilizing a newly developed in vivo xenotransplant model to identify potential biomarkers for early diagnostics and therapeutic targets for pancreatic cancer.